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Drive the ball down into the barrel with one sharp blow. Never attempt to start the ball with the ramrod. Used improperly the ramrod will break and possibly injure your hand.

Using short strokes with the ramrod, push the ball the remainder of the way down the

barrel until it contacts the powder charge. Seat the ball firmly against the powder charge but do not pound on it. Pounding on the ramrod will deform the ball. A deformed ball will not shoot accurately. Load and seat each ball with exactly the same pressure, shot after shot. With successive shots, fouling in the bore may build up in sufficient quantity to make loading more difficult, or even impossible. When using a petroleum based lubricant, the buildup will be much more apparent, and cleaning between shots will be necessary. When using an all-natural lubricant such as T/C Natural Lube 1000 Plus Bore Butter in keeping with the "all natural approach, this buildup will be far less, and cleaning between shots will not be necessary. BUT, if for any reason you experience progressively more difficult loading due to buildup of fouling, you must clean the bore, or safe loading will become impossible. See the sections on "Cleaning" and on "Pulling a Charge".

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