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Mark the ramrod at the muzzle. Use a marking pencil to mark the ramrod. This will allow you to ensure that each ball is seated to the same depth. Erase and remark each time you adjust the charge or change projectiles, when you arrive at the desired charge, cut a clean notch in the ramrod so you will have a permanent reference mark. This reference mark will serve as an indicator only with the charge and projectile used when it was marked. When the charge and/or projectile change, the reference mark will also change.

If you are loading an all-lead conical like T/C's MAXI-BALL® or MAXI-HUNTER® or a sabot like T/C's Mag Express Sabot, proceed as follows; Do not use a cloth patch with these projectiles. Wipe the oil from the bore and follow the precharging instructions given for your particular style of rifle. Use Black Powder or Pyrodex only.

Start with the lightest charges listed in our loading chart for your caliber. Use T/C graduated powder measure and measure each charge carefully. Lubricate conical bullets with Natural Lube 1000 Plus Bore Butter as shown in Photo "E". Sabots do not have to be lubricated. The Maxi-Ball® and Maxi-Hunter® are designed to be shot as cast (not sized). Sizing will alter the diameter of the forward bearing band. This destroys the accuracy of the projectile and dangerously decreases its diameter (a loose fitting projectile can move off the powder charge). When loading a Maxi-Ball or Maxi-Hunter bullet, you will note how only the forward most bearing band graves to the rifling when loading. The base of the bullet upsets (increases in diameter) on firing causing it to fill the grooves thus stabilizing the projectile.

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