Trigger Adjustment For The Thompson Center InLine Muzzleloader

Sear engagement

Any adjustments are to be made to Screws "A" and "B".

A .050" hex wrench and a 1/4" open end wrench are required to perform adjustments.

The trigger of the in-line muzzleloader is factory set for optimal weight of pull, sear engagement and over-travel. If further adjustment is required, the in-line muzzleloader is equipped with two trigger adjustment screws that can be adjusted by the shooter. If the shooter is not able to make the appropriate adjustments the adjustments should be made by a qualified gunsmith.

In the diagram above, Screw "A" is used to adjust the sear engagement. Sear engagement adjustment refers to the distance the trigger has to be moved rearward to release the sear which in turn allows the striker to fall from the "Cocked" position to the "Fired" position.

Screw "B" is used to adjust over-travel. Over-travel is described as the amount of rearward trigger movement after the trigger releases the striker.

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