Singleset Trigger Mechanism

For use as a normal single-stage trigger, squeeze rearwards in the normal fashion. The trigger mechanism can also be "SET" by pushing the trigger forward until it stops. The rifle can now be fired with only a light touch. WARNING! WHEN THE TRIGGER IS IN THE "SET" POSITION, THE RIFLE MUST BE HANDLED WITH EXTREME CARE, AS ANY SHOCK OR VIBRATION CAN DISCHARGE THE RIFLE. If the rifle is cocked, with SAFETY ON, the trigger CANNOT be put into the "SET" position. To return trigger to the "UNSET" position, the safest method is to put "SAFETY ON" or open the bolt. NOTE! When the safety is in the "ON" position it locks the trigger mechanism and the bolt. The rifle can be cocked only when the safety is in the "OFF" position.


The trigger mechanism is constructed for 10 - 20 N (2-4 lbs) trigger weight in sin-gle-stage position. The trigger weight is adjusted to 13-15 N (3 lbs) at the factory. To be sure that the single-set trigger operates correctly in all circumstances, the trigger weight should not be increased. The trigger weight can be adjusted by the means of screw (1). Turning the screw clockwise will increase the trigger weight. NOTE! Screw (1) is self-locking and can only be turned with a proper tool.


When the trigger is in the "SET" position, the trigger weight is 2 - 2.5 N (7 - 9 oz.) and cannot be adjusted. The screw (2) adjusts the gap between the trigger and the plunger of the trigger weight spring. This gap affects the creep in unset stage and should be as small as possible, preferably the screw should lightly touch the plunger. On the other hand if the pressure between the screw (2) and the plunger is too heavy, it may prevent the set-trigger from working. NOTE! Screw (2) is self-locking and unnecessary adjustments should be avoided to keep the self-locking in good condition.


The safety is permanently adjusted at the factory. However, if the trigger, trigger sear or safety lever has to be changed, the safety must be readjusted. For this operation the trigger mechanism must be returned to the factory in Finland.

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