Also AUG Carbine

An unusual and exotic-looking weapon, the AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr) is a bullpup assault rifle firing the 5.56mm round. It is ergonomically designed, and has modular components allowing it to be converted to a light machinegun, a submachinegun, and a shorter carbine version, by simply changing barrels and breech mechanisms. All of the AUG weapons are covered in this text.

The AUG is gas-operated, using a rotating bolt and firing from the closed position. Fire selection is controlled by a two-stage trigger, and the weapon can be set by an internal switch to fire either three round bursts or full automatic fire (but not both), in addition to single shots. The safety and charging handle are ambidextrous, and the ejection port can easily be moved from one side to the other, making the AUG one of only two or three truly ambidextrous assault rifles around. Normally fitted with an integral 1.4x optical sight, the receiver can be replaced with one that exchanges the sight for a mounting bracket that will take custom sights or night-vision devices. The magazine is transparent, so the user can check his or her ammunition at a glance, and the forward grip folds up.

The AUG Carbine is a shortened version, differing only in barrel length. Despite its unusual appearance, the AUG is a very successful weapon. It entered service with the Austrian army in 1977, and has since been adopted by Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and a number of other nations in Africa and the Middle East.




79cm, 69 (Carbine)




30 (42 available)

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