Also Ssgp Ssgp Silenced

Caliber: 7.62mm,

7.62 subsonic (Silenced) Length: 114cm Weight: 4.7kg, 5.0 (SSG-P) Magazine: 5(10 available)

Introduced in 1969, the SSG 69 is the Austrian army's sniping rifle. A bolt-action weapon, the SSG 69 is extremely accurate. It features a plastic stock with an adjustable-length butt, adjustable trigger pull, and a rotary magazine with a clear plastic end so the user can quickly check his or her ammunition status. The rotary magazine fits cleanly into the stock, with no protrusions, but there is a larger box magazine available that does not. Iron sights are fitted, but the weapon comes with 6x scope, and almost any other optical sight can be easily mounted.

The SSG-P variant is a modified version designed for police use. It has a heavier, higher-quality barrel, and no iron sights. There are a number of superficial changes as well, but the weapon is functionally identical.

Another variant is the SSG-P Silenced. This weapon comes with a large suppressor that effectively silences sub-sonic ammunition. The suppressor cannot be made to fit the other versions of the SSG, as extensive modifications to the barrel must be made.

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