Bushman Ltd., UK

The Bushman IDW (Individual Defense Weapon) is a new and unique submachinegun. It has a variable rate of fire that is factory-set at a mechanically optimal 450 rounds per minute, but which can be altered by the user to any rate up to 1400 rounds per minute. The Bushman is blowback-operated, firing from the open bolt, but the bolt is so light that it has little effect on accuracy. In fact, the Bushman is a very accurate submachinegun, even when fired with one hand. Altering the fire regulator to a higher rate has little negative effect on this accuracy.

The Bushman is a compact weapon, made entirely of machined alloy and stainless-steel. It has a left-side thumb lever that actuates the manual safety and selects between single or automatic fire (even on automatic fire, the user can opt for a single shot by only partially pulling the trigger). The cocking handle is on the rear of the weapon, and there is a grip safety through which the user can tell whether or not the weapon is cocked. There is an additional internal safety.

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