Caliber mm Parabellum


58cm. 35 (folded)




ne: 50 (30 available)

The Spectre was introduced in 1984, and is an unusual weapon in a number of regards. It was designed for police and counter-terrorist work, and one of the principal design goals was to create a weapon that could be drawn and fired without fumbling about with a lot of controls. To achieve this, the Spectre was given an internal safety, and a double-action trigger with a decocking lever. This allows it to operate just like a double-action pistol: the bolt is cycled when the weapon is loaded, and the hammer de-cocked. When the user wishes to fire, he or she simply pulls the trigger.

The Spectre is blowback-operated, and fires from the closed bolt. To keep the barrel cool, the bolt is designed to force air through and around it with every shot. The Spectre has a decocking lever, fire selector, and cocking handle on either side, making the weapon totally ambidextrous (although brass is ejected to the right—a potential hazard for lefties). The stock folds over to sit along the top. A unique magazine holds the ammunition in four columns instead of the normal two, giving it a higher capacity in less length than most submachine-gun magazines.

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