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The HK MP5-series submachineguns are without a doubt one of the most popular types in the world. They are in use with a great many police, counter-terrorism, and special operations groups around the world, including the British SAS. They are durable, reliable, and very accurate weapons.

Introduced in the late 1960s, the MP5 was developed from the roller-locked mechanism of the G3 rifle. In fact, some of its parts, like the pistol grip which houses the trigger mechanism, are interchangeable with the rifle and several other HK weapons. The MP5 is blowback-operated and fires from the closed-bolt position. Its safety/ fire selection lever is above the grip on the left, and brass is ejected on the right. It is fitted with fully-adjustable iron sights, but easily mounts scopes or laser sights.

There are five versions of the weapon that fire the 9mm Parabel-lum round: the MP5A1, with no stock; the A2, with a fixed stock; the A3, with a collapsible stock; and the A4 and A5, which are identical to the A2 and A3 respectively, but feature a three-round burst option and have slightly reshaped grips. The A1 through A3 versions are no longer made, but because the receiver endcap, which is attached to the stock, is interchangeable between versions, it is still possible to obtain a weapon with no stock at all, like the Al. Originally, the MP5 series had straight magazines, but a slightly improved curved magazine was developed in the late '70s. All 9mm versions of the MP5, including the MP5K (below) and MP5SD (next page) series below, use both magazines.

Recently, two additional weapons were added to the line: the MP5/10 and MP5/40. These two weapons are largely identical to the MP5A5, but are chambered for the 10mm and .40in S&W rounds, respectively. They use straight thirty-round magazines made of translucent plastic, which can be snapped together side-by-side for easy access. They are also available with a number offire-selection options, including two-round and three-round bursts as well as full automatic fire.

Introduced in 1976, the MP5K series was specifically developed for counterterrorism and police work where a concealable yet powerful weapon is required. It is an extra-short version of the MP5, operating in essentially the same manner. It has no stock and cannot be fitted with any of the interchangeable stocks of the MP5 and MP5SD weapons. It does, however, have a plastic foregrip which greatly adds to its stability. Four versions have been made: the base-model MP5K;

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