Caliber: 9mm Parabellum Length: 70 cm, 36 (folded),

78(w/ supp.), 44 (fold.) Weight: 2.8kg, 3.4 (w/ supp.) Magazine: 30 ( 15 available)

The MP5PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) is a new addition to the MP5 family, and is based largely on the MP5K, above. It was designed specifically for military special operations and as a backup weapon for aircrews. It differs from the MP5K only in the addition of a folding stock, an ambidextrous safety/fire selection lever, and a removable suppressor. Because the extreme shortness of the weapon would not permit the use of HK's standard metal collapsing stock, the PDW is fitted with a plastic stock that folds to the right side, and which has a much sturdier feel than the one fitted to the other HK submachine-guns. The sound suppressor is compact, although heavy, and meets a requirement put out by the U.S. Navy SEALS for a suppressor that could be used immediately after being submerged underwater. It can be used indefinitely without maintenance, but must be used with subsonic ammunition for truly quiet operation.

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