also SD1-SD5_

Caliber: 9mm Parabellum Length: 78cm, 61 (folded) Weight: 3.7kg, 3.2 (SD1, SD4) Magazine: 30 (15 available)

The MP5SD series weapons are versions of the MP5 with integral suppressors. They operate in the exact same manner as the MP5. A number of small holes in the barrel bleed away cartridge gases, reducing the velocity of the bullet to below the speed of sound by the time it leaves the barrel. This allows the weapon to fire standard ammunition, while making the MP5 the quietest off-the-shelf suppressed submachinegun made. The suppressor requires no maintenance, and lasts indefinitely.

Six versions of the weapon have been produced. The SD1,2, and 3 have no stock, a fixed stock, and a retractable stock, respectively. The SD4,5, and 6 have slightly different pistol grips, and feature a three-round burst option. They have the same stock arrangements as the SD1, 2, and 3.

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