Figure Triple Standard Concertina Fence

a. Detail. A 300-meter section of triple-standard concertina fence is a platoon task. It normally requires less than 1 hour to construct. There are two operations—carrying and laying out pickets and concertina rolls and installing pickets and opening and installing concertinas.

b. First Operation. For the first operation, the work party is divided into three groups of about equal size—one to lay out all pickets, one to install all pickets, and one to lay out all concertina rolls.

(1) The first group lays out the front-row long pickets at 5-pace intervals on the line of the fence (Figure 5-22) with the points of pickets on the line and pointing toward the enemy. The rear-row long pickets are laid out on a line 90 centimeters to the rear and opposite the center of the interval between the front-row long pickets. An anchor picket is laid out at each end of each line, 1.5 meters from the end long picket.

Figure 5-22. Laying Out Long Pickets for a Triple-Standard Concertina Fence

(2) The second group installs pickets beginning with the front row (Figure 5-23). As in other fences, eyes of screw pickets are placed to the right. Concave faces of U-shaped pickets are placed toward the enemy.

Shape Pickets For Barbed Wire
Figure 5-23. Installing Front-Row Pickets for a Triple-Standard Concertina Fence

(3) The third group lays out concertinas along the rows of pickets (Figure 5-24). In the front row, one roll is placed at the third picket and one at every fourth picket thereafter. Sixteen staples accompany each front row concertina. In the second row, two rolls are placed at the third picket and two at every fourth picket thereafter. As each roll is placed in position, its binding wires are unfastened but are left attached to the hoop at one end of the roll.

Concertina Fence
Figure 5-24. Laying Out Concertina

c. Second Operation. As they complete the first operation, all soldiers are organized in four-soldier parties (Figure 5-25) to open and install concertinas, beginning at the head of the fence. The steps are shown below:

1. Install the front row and the horizontal wire.

2. Install the back row and the horizontal wire.

3. Install the top row and rack to the rear horizontal wire.

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