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Comparison Microscopy

If they were handcuffed, there is a very real possibility of GSR particles being transferred from the cuffs to the hands of the suspect. Research has shown (B.J. Heard, unpublished paper) that during range courses, an officer's clothes, baton, handcuffs and holster will become heavily contaminated with GSR particles. The GSR particles remain in the handcuff pouch and when the handcuffs are used, these particles will be transferred to the hands of an arrested person. Only plastic cable ties (see A35) should be used as restraints. These can be supplied to police stations in sealed plastic bags.

Extending the Recovery Period for GSR

Sem View Gunshot Residue Particles

Heard, unpublished work), however, that on putting the hand into a trouser pocket, GSR particles are transferred from the back of the hand onto the inside surfaces of the pocket. With time, these particles gravitate to the bottom of the pocket and become trapped within the folds of material and general pocket fluff and debris which accumulate in this area. The particles are protected so well by this debris that they are not affected by repeated washing and dry cleaning of the trousers. GSR particles have been recovered up to 16 months after a shooting incident (Figures 6.5-6.7). In all cases examined by the author (B.J. Heard, unpublished paper) involving the transfer of GSR from the hands or from the discharge of a weapon to the

Minimal Velocities Necessary to Perforate Skin

Now that we have an idea of the minimum velocity necessary for bullets and airgun pellets of different weights and calibers to perforate skin, we must ask whether the missiles lose this velocity in perforating the skin. The answer is no. In an unpublished extension of the previously mentioned study, DiMaio and Copeland conducted a number of test firings using a human lower extremity to determine how much velocity was lost by a missile passing through the thigh.8 The bullets had to pass through two layers of skin and approximately 6 in. of muscle. Two different calibers of ammunition were used .38 Special and .22 Long Rifle. In the tests with the .38 Special ammunition, two different types of ammunition were used. The first type was loaded with a 158-gr. lead round-nose bullet. Average impact velocity was 766 ft sec. On an average, these bullets lost 280 ft sec (36.8 of impact initial velocity) in passing through the thigh (Table 9.2). The velocity lost ranged from a minimum of 214 ft...

Identification of Calibre from the Bullet Entry Hole Introduction

Bullet Identification Markings

When dealing with wood, there is, however, a little-known method of determining the calibre with a reasonable degree of accuracy (Beta TAM Chi-Kung, unpublished work). If a piece of fairly strong white paper is placed over the wood surrounding the hole and a soft-lead pencil is carefully rubbed over the surface, as in brass rubbing, a circle, very closely approximating the diameter of the bullet, will appear.

Deflection of bullet by glass

Heard, unpublished work) with various calibres of weapon fired at laminated windscreen glass held at varying angles has indicated that there is very little deviation of the bullet from its intended path. These can be conveniently illustrated by the following table (Table 4.6)

New Forms of Handgun Ammunition

Hollow Point Gunshot Wounds Photos

In regard to charges that hollow-point ammunition is more lethal , in an unpublished study of over 75 fatalities from hollow-point ammunition by the author, he was unable to demonstrate any death that would not have occurred if the bullet had been an all-lead bullet. As to increased severity of wounding, this is purely theoretical. To this day, the author cannot distinguish a wound by a hollow-point bullet from that by a solid-lead bullet of the same caliber until recovery of the actual bullet.

Inadvertently pulling the trigger

Hundreds of tests have be carried out (B.J. Heard, unpublished work) using volunteers under controlled conditions to test the probability of this happening. In the majority of these tests, unless the trigger pressure is exceptionally low, it has been found that for self-loading pistols and revolvers in the single-action mode, there is little tendency for the trigger to be pulled. If anything, the person holding the weapon generally releases the trigger. For revolvers in the double-action mode, it has been found that there is no tendency at all for the trigger to be pulled. One area where one can be a little more definitive in respect to the accidental pulling of the trigger is when the weapon is violently pulled away from the person holding it. It is easy to simulate the unexpected snatching of a weapon, and persons both experienced and unexperienced in weapon handling can easily be tested as to their likely response. These tests have shown that there is a far greater likelihood of...


In our last session on the Old Masters it was, of course, necessary to leave out many excellent books due to space constraints. One of those not mentioned is Pioneering Handgun Hunting written in 1965 by Al Goerg. Goerg truly was a pioneer of handgun hunting and his self-published book provided a lot of the inspiration for me. This book is not easy to find and will be quite pricey, however I believe it is worth the search and the dollars. Goerg was killed in a bush plane crash in Alaska on one of his hunting trips.

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