Disassembly and Reassembly

To take apart the rifle -- First check that the rifle is not loaded. Take out the tang screw. Draw off the butt stock. Take out the magazine screw at the front end and remove the magazine. Take out the two side screws, cock the piece and draw the slide about halfway to the rear and withdraw the trigger plate. Slide the bolt clear back, insert a punch in the small hole on the left hand side, and push out the locking brace pin, and slide out the bolt. The other parts can be removed without special directions.

To reassemble the rifle -- Replace the parts in the reverse order from that given for taking the rifle apart.

Disassembled Lightning Rifle

1 Receiver (FFL only)

2 Left ejector

3 Right ejector

4 Ejector screw (2)

5 Loading trap

6 Loading trap spring

7 Loading trap spring screw

8 Loading trap stop screw

9 Side plate screw (2) 10 Hammer

Hammer roller Hammer roller pin

11 12

13 Hammer safety pin

14 Hammer pin

15 Tang

16 Tang screw

17 Trigger

18 Trigger spring

19 Trigger spring screw

20 Main spring

21 Main spring screw

22 Magazine stop spring

23 Magazine stop

24 Magazine stop spring screw

25 Bolt

26 Top cover

27 Top cover screw

28 Extractor

29 Extractor pin

30 Firing pin Firing pin lever

32 Firing pin lever pin

Thompson Gun

37 Locking brace pin 55 Trigger and stop pin

38 Barrel (round)

39 Barrel (half round)

40 Barrel (octagon)

Disassembly Firing Pin AstraSafe Arm And Firing Device

Be A Safe Shooter! Keep Out of Reach of Children! Remember, children can and will find your firearms. Store them unloaded, with a gunlock in the trigger guard, in a locked gun safe. Federal Firearms Regulations define safe storage as a safe, gun safe, gun case, lock box, or other device designed to be used to store a firearm and that can be unlocked only by means of a key, a combination, or other similar means.

As a firearms owner and user, you must take responsibility for the safe handling and safe storage of your firearms.

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