General Characteristics

1. Calibre. — The F. N. submachine gun is designed to fire the Luger 9 mm Parabellum round. Many armies have used this cartridge for a long time and it is now becoming universally standardised.

2. Functioning principle« — The blowback principle has been adopted for this weapon *. In this type, the breech is not mechanically locked but the breech block is relatively heavy and its

Browning 9mm Parabellum Uzi
fig, I.
Fjg. 2.

* This is an application of the principle of equality of momentum.

mass prevents the breech from opening effectively until gas pressure in the barrel has fallen considerably,

3. Firing. — The weapon con be fired in two ways : either semiautomatic {single shot) or fully automatic.

The change lever is on the left side of the pistol grip. It con be set with the thumb of the right hand when this hand is holding the weapon,

4. Stability and handiness. — Careful calculation of its centre of gravity and weight has made the weapon very steady when firing, which, in turn, practically eliminates any upward jerk and reduces recoil considerably.

The F. N. submachine gun is so designed that the soldier con advance with his weapon ready to fire held in one hand, leaving his other hand free for any contingency.

5. Feed. — Location of the magazine in the pistol grip makes changing a magazine both simple and speedy.

A diopter rearsight, which can be tilted for settings corresponding to distances of 100 and 200 metres respectively.

A blade foresight, simultaneously adjustable for height and direction.

Both sights are provided with protectors.

The level of sight line above ground is very low, which allows the soldier to keep well under cover when firing.

7. Safety. — The F. N. submachine gun has a doubfe safety device :—

a) The automatic safety in the pistol grip, located at the rear; this contact safety prevents both cocking the action and firing so long as the firer does not tighten his dasp on the pistol grip and thus press the safety. This device prevents release of the sear and thus any movement of the breech-block.

b) The ordinary safety acts directly on the trigger and is operated by the knob of the chongeover lever, located on the left hand side, above the pistol grip.

Uzi Smg Cleaning

8. Protection ogoinst foreign bodies in the mechanism, etc. —

The weapon is practically weatherproof. The breech-block unit envelops the rear part of the barrel and prevents anything penetrating into the chamber.

The method of cocking the gun closes the cover slide and keeps foreign bodies out of the mechanism.

The decreased span of the breech-block bearings ensures that ony particles of dust, sand or mud, that may have accumulated, do not affect functioning of the weopon.

9. Stripping and assembly. — Stripping for normal cleaning and maintenance and reassembly can be done without using tools.

Stripping is simpfe and quick. Barrel, cover, breech-btock unit and main spring can be dismantled in a few seconds,

10. Butt. — The F. N. submachine gun is usually fitted with a metal butt, which can be extended, or folded into an inoperative position, as required (see fig. 1 & 2).

A wooden butt can be supplied, if preferred (see fig. 4).

1 1, Bayonet. — À small bayonet can be fixed ; this is engaged by a stud.

Fig. 4.
Fig. 5. 8

12. Statistical data.


b) with wooden butt: 3.500 kg (7.7 lbs.) "Standard" magazine, empty: 0.180 kg (6 ozs.) ''Standard" magazine with 25 rounds : 0 500 kg (1.1 lbs.)

Overall length of gun.

a) With metal butt extended : approx. 650 mm (25.5")

b) With metal butt folded : approx. 470 mm (18,5")


Sigh J radios:


— "Standard" Magazine, capacity 25 rds ;


9 mm Parabellum Liiger.

a) Statistics

b) Ba/JisiicaJ characteristics :

8-grom Bullet

7.5 gram Bullet

Muzzle Energy (Eo)

Maximum Pressure Effective rong-e

up to 200 mei

res {218 yds.)

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