Stripping And Assembling

The F. N. submachine gun is designed for easy stripping and assembly ; there is no difficulty, if the correct procedure is followed.

When stripping the weapon, take care to place the components on a flat clean surface, arranged in the order in which they have been stripped ; this wilt facilitate re-assembling, which is done in the opposite order to strapping.


Make sure that no cartridge is left in the weapon. Check as follows :—

— remove the magazine,

— act on the automatic safety, pistol grip,

— pull the cocking lever a few centimetres to the rear so that it clears the ejection opening,

-— check through the ejection opening that there is no cartridge in the barrel,

— let the cocking lever go forward,

i. Field Stripping.

This consists of :

a) Removing the cover.

Press the cover catch to the rear {located in the fore part of the backsight seating), raise the rear part of the cover and remove to the rear and upwards. This frees it from the body of the gun.

b) Removal of breec/i-b/ocfc and return spring assembly.

Raise the front of the breech-block untif clear of the bcdy ; remove it forwards with the return spring assembly.

Separate this assembly from the breech-block by pulling it to the rear Fig. 27 (a)

Uzi Blocking LatchUzi 9mm Drawings
F;g 27 (b)
Fig. 28.
Fig. 29.

c) flemovuf of barret.

Press the barrel catch to the rear (located in front part of foresight housing). Unscrew the barrel nut. Remove the barrel forwards.

The very simple and rapid procedure mentioned at a), b) and c) above is generally su H i-cient for normal maintenance and cleaning. Cleaning the trigger mechanism may be necessary in certain circumstances and this is done by removing trigger assembly, as follows :

Drive the trigger assembly pin into its housing, using the handle of the cleaning rod, or the guide-rod of the return spring. It is only necessary to disengage the pin, without Fig. 30 (a) separating it from the trigger assembly. Separate the assembly from the body by swinging the pistol grip slightly downwards and forwards.

Ruger Smg Field StrippingUzi Handguard
Fig. 30 (b)

2. Extractor.

Remove the extractor retaining pin.

Push the extractor from back to front to separate it from the breech-block.

Uzi Trigger Assembly
Fig 3K

3. Handguard,

Unscrew the lock-nuts retaining the two handguard screws ; loosen the screws and separate the right and left sections of the handguard-

Suarez Uzi Cocking Handle

Unhook the rear spiral of the cocking lever spring. Undo the stud screw (f oca ted by two centre punchings), remove it with its spring washer, Remove the cocking lever and the cocking handle-

Normally, there is no need to strip the cover spring.

Uzi Cal Magazine
Fig. 33.

5, Trigger mechanism.

Undo the two screws securing the pistol grip sections, then separate the two halves of the pistol grip. 5et the knob of the change lever at "R". Pull the trigger and press the safety to release the sear. Use a pin drift to push the sear pin from left to right and remove it from its housing in the trigger frame. Remove the sear and its spring. Separate the spring from the sear by disengaging the two rear ends of the spring.

Free the two front ends of the trigger spring by pressing them downwards, bringing them away from the sear intermediate lever ; in this position, the lever is freed from the pressure of the trigger spring.

Uzi Smg Sear Uzi Smg Sear

Use o pin drift to push the trigger pin from left to right and remove it from its housing. Remove the assembly of trigger, sear intermediate lever and trigger spring from the trigger frame.

Compress the safety spring slightly and remove from the pistol grip. Remove the assembly of safety and plunger upwards.

Uzi Trigger Assembly

Move the change lever knob forward to position "A", Insert the blade of a screwdriver, or similar blade, underneath the change lever knob, into the interior groove ; push upwards until knob and lever are freed. Remove the knob and change lever. Use a screwdriver to release the spring plunger of the lever ; this disengages it from its slots ; push upwards.

Use a pin drift to remove the magazine catch pin ; remove the magazine catch and its spring.

a) Folding metal buit.

Undo the hexagonal screw which secures the butt to the rear face of the body. Remove the butt cotch forwards. Separate the butt from the Fig. 37. body.

b) Wooden butt.

Press the catch stud and remove the butt rearward,

7. Backsight and foresight.

Unscrew the nut of the backsight screw, then the screw ; remove the backsight and secure the nut to the screw, otherwise it may be misloid. Unscrew the nut securing the foresight; unscrew the foresight and remove its spring washer

8. Borrel catch»

Compress and push forward on the rear tip of the barrel catch. Remove the barrel catch and its spring forward. Remove the spring from its housing in the catch.

Fig. 42.

9. Cover catch.

Take care that the coiled spring of the cover catch is not released from its housing. To avoid this, strip as follows : after removal of the backsight, press the blade of a screwdriver against the front rim of the curved spring of the backsight, exert slight pressure to the rear so that the spring is raised sJightly, but hold it securely with the thumb. Gradualiy lessen pressure on the screwdriver, so thot the cover catch disengages slowly forwords. Remove the cover catch, its coiled spring and the curved backsight spring from their housings.

Fig. 43.

10, Magazine.

Insert the tip of a cartridge in the central opening of the magazine base, pushing without undue pressure until the magazine base plate slides forward and can be removed.


Components of the F. N. submachine gun are reassembled in the opposite order to stripping procedure. To assist in reassembly, it is advisable to look at the illustrations for the corresponding stripping operations.

There are no special difficulties, if the following precautions are taken ;—

1. Magazine.

The magazine platform spring must be positioned so that th$ uppermost spire is approximately parallel to the lower face of the platform

Fig. 45.

2, Cover catch.

Locate the curved backsight spring, placing the right-angled side to the rear, then position the coiled spring horizontally underneath the curved spring. Insert the cover catch beneath the curved spring. Using the right hand thumb, push the cover catch to the rear so that the coiled spring is fully compressed andp when this has been done, press hard on the curved spring with the left hand thumb until it engages with the cover catch.

3. Backsight.

When reassembling, take care that the flap marked "100" is located to the rear.

4. Trigger mechanism.

To reassemble the magazine catch, locate the two spires of the catch spring inside the catch ; insert the two parts in their housing by pressing the coiled part of the spring against the grip. Compress fully and secure with a pin drift. Replace the magazine catch pin gradually, withdrawing the pin drift as the pin Is inserted.

First replace the spring plunger; to ensure that the change lever and its knob form an integral part, insert the lever in the trigger frame from the top until it comes up against the spring ; the

Uzi Lower Assembly
Fig. 46.
Uzi Trigger Assembly
Fig. 4B.

small lower arm comes opposite the letter "A" ; slide the knob upwards on this arm ; still exerting pressure from above, push the change lever fully home in the trigger frame, compressing the spring with a screwdriver, or any handy substitute.

Re-assembie the automatic safety and its spring- Replace the trigger and intermediate lever assembly in the trigger frame and position the trigger spring on either side of the trigger, with the straight orm of the spring against the rear part of the trigger guard- Pass the trigger pin from right to Jeft through the coils of the spring and into the hole on the left side, locating the split, righthand end of the pin vertically, with the cross-wise grooves downwards. Secure the two free ends of the trigger spring in the two locating grooves in the intermediate sear lever.

Uzi Smg Sear

Fig 49

Fig 49

Position the sear in the trigger frame, then the sear spring, pressing the rounded part against the front plate of the trigger frame. Insert the sear pin from right to left in the sear holes and through the spirals of the spring, locating the split, righthand end of the pin vertically, with the crosswise groove downwards. Insert the two free ends of the spring in the small holes in the sear. Check for correct functioning of the trigger

5. Extractor.

When assembling the extractor, the slot in its rear face must be parallel to the arrow on the rear face of the breech-block.

6. Trigger frame assembly«

Hold the assembly firmiy against the body of the gun so that the trigger frame retaining pin can be replaced-

Free Download Bsp Smg 9mm
Fig. 52.

7. Barrel.

Take core that the barrel retaining nut is screwed fully home.

8. Spring, cocking lever.

If this spring has to be replaced, engage the end of the spring on the cover, drawing aside the last coil, then pull and twist the spring (as shown in figure 53)-

Diagram Dp51 9mm Para Trigger Spring
Fig. 53.

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