Adjusting the gas system

Two screws can be found on the right side of the gas chamber (see the picture beside), a locking screw (upper) and an adjustment plug (lower). By removing the locking screw the plug can be turned roughly 900 in an anticlockwise direction so that the locking screw now locates into a second recess in the plug. In this position the gas system is shut off and the rifle can be used as a hand-cocked single-shot weapon. This enables participation in competitions in which the use of semi-automatic weapons is not allowed.

Valmet Rifle MagazinesValmet Rifle Magazines

The hole in the plug is dimensioned so that the rifle operates perfectly using factory-made cartridges with bullet weights of 10 -14 g (150 - 210 grs). If you make up your own cartridges or use factory-made cartridges with a lighter bullet weight, ask your dealer for a substitute gas plug (optional).

If you intend to load your own cartridges make absolutely sure that you are using the correct charge and type of powder. Sako-Valmet Ltd. do not accept any liability for damage caused by handloaded ammunition.

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