The cover is fastened to the receiver at the tront by means of a dove-tail joint and at the rear by a hex screw. The cover has been designed as an integral part of the sight (scope/rear sight) attachment system and for this reason it has been adjusted at the factory by means of screw 2 (see picture) to have zero clearance. Consequently when removing the cover, after removing screw 1, the cover must be pulled straight back. In no circumstances should it be pushed to one side, or the rear end lifted up. If for some reason the cover does not readily slide back th 5 mm necessary for removal, tap the cover lightly backwards using the handle of a screwdriver or piece of wood at the point marked 3. This extremely secure attachment means that the cover cannot become loose during firing and also that when reattached it returns to exactly the same position thus ensuring the point of aim remains unchanged. If necessary, the clearance can be adjusted by means of screw 2.

Having removed the cover, the recoil spring body and spring should be pushed forward, freeing it from its recess. This can now be removed to the rear. Now remove the slide and bolt assembly by pulling it into the rear position and lifting it up. The gas tube can now be removed easily. The bolt is detached from the slide by rotating it a quarter turn in a clockwise direction (seen from behind) and simultaneously pushing it backwards. Having freed it from its guide the bolt can be removed in a forward direction from the slide.

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