The barrel of your new rifle has been treated at the factory with high-quality protective oil. Please remove all traces of oil before using the rifleforthefirsttime.

Before positioning the magazine make sure that the safety button is in the "ON" position. Fit the magazine so that the cam on the front edge drops into place first, then swivel the rear end of the magazine into place. A district click should be heard, and the magazine is the securely positioned. Disengage the safety button by pressing it to the left. Cock the weapon by pulling the slide into the fully-back position and releasing it under the force of the spring. Do not impede this forward movement in any way or the weapon may not feed correctly.

The rifle is now loaded and the safety button in the "OFF" position. If you are not going to fire immediately, re-engage the safety button.

To remove the magazine, first pull the locking button back, turn the rear end of the magazine out, then pull the whole magazine away. After removing the magazine always check that the cartridge chamber isempty.

Valmet M88 Hunter
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