Valmet Hunter Stock

The stock length and butt angle of the rifle can be easily modified by means of handy distance and angle pieces which are available as optional accessories.

The stock is shaped primarily for use with open sights. Since the line of aim when using a scope is obviously higher, the height of the stock may have to be adjusted in order to permit a good shooting position. A detachable cheek piece complete with fitting screws is also available as an optional accessory for the rifle.

All the wooden parts of the rifle are made of high quality walnut which is treated with protective varnish at the factory. An occasional brush over with gun oil or varnish will keep the stock looking good foryears to come.

Valmet Hunter

Sako-Valmet weapons are designed, manufactured and tested to international safety standards (including C.I.P.). Incorrectly loaded home-made cartridges are the single biggest danger for the weapon and its user. The manufacturer takes no responsibility for the damage caused by cartridges of this kind. Always use good quality factory-made cartridges.

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