Disassembly and reassembly of the rifle

It is not necessary to strip the rifle any further than is described in this manual. Further disassembly, improper assembly and disregard of the instructions damage your firearm and may cause injury or damages to yourself or others and will lead to loss of warranty.

WARNING: To begin the feed stripping process engage the safety by pushing the manual safety forward, remove the magazine and inspect the rifle to make certain that it is unloaded.

Walther G22 Disassembly

Slide the manual safety forward to the safe position. To clean the system and the breech, some parts have to be disassembled. Loosen the Allen screw at the lower part of the butt (see fig. 13), remove the transversal locking pin above the safety (see fig. 14) and withdraw the butt vertically downwards. Remove the trigger bar from the push rod as shown in fig. 15. Remove the two pins which connect the system with the breech housing (see fig. 16) and remove the system vertically downwards.

Caution: The spring of the magazine safety (fig. 17) and the bolt catch lever with spring (fig. 18) might drop out. Both have to be kept in position (see fig. 19)!

Now the upper part of the butt can be removed upwards.

After this, the frame of the ejection port, the two inserts and the ejector are loose and can be removed. To clean the barrel, you have to pull the cocking lever (see fig. 20).

Walther G22 Parts Diagram
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