Cocking Indicator

When the striker is cocked, it sticks out the back of the pistol. You will find it where the retaining plate is recessed in the center of the rear of the slide.

You can see it and feel it. It has a red dot in the end.

When you put your finger on the retaining plate you can tell if the striker is cocked or not. If you can feel it sticking out, the striker is cocked and the trigger is in single action mode. If it feels smooth, it is not cocked, and the trigger is in double action mode. Before you try to use this method, practice it under safe conditions with the chamber unloaded, so you know what it feels like when cocked or decocked.

Luger Red Dot


Cleaning solvents or wear may darken or remove the red color, or powder residue or dirt may cover it up. If you do not see the red dot, don't assume the striker is decocked. Look at the striker or feel it with your finger so you know if the striker is cocked.

WARNING: THE COCKING INDICATOR IS NOT A LOADED CHAMBER INDICATOR. Some models have a Loaded Chamber Indicator in a similar position to the Model P 99's Cocking Indicator. THE P 99's LOADED CHAMBER INDICATOR INDICATOR IS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SLIDE.


WARNING: READ THE REST OF THIS MANUAL BEFORE YOU LOAD, so you understand how the pistol works, and you know you can handle it safely.

The proper ammunition for these pistols is either 9mm or .40 S&W, depending on what is marked on your particular pistol. There are many kinds of 9mm ammunition. The 9mm ammo for this pistol is 9x19mm, also called 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum or 9mm Para.

To take out the magazine, push the magazine release down and the magazine will slide out of the pistol.

Both models hold 10 rounds in the magazine. Load each cartridge into the magazine with two motions: first DOWN to compress the magazine spring, then REARWARD to slide the cartridge under the magazine lips. To empty the magazine, take it out of the pistol and push each cartridge forward until it comes free of the magazine lips. CAUTION: Bent or damaged magazine lips will cause malfunctioning of the pistol. Do not drop the magazine. Do not use force when loading or unloading the magazine.

WARNING: Keep your fingers out of the trigger guard and off the trigger when loading.

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