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All Walther handguns capable of double action firing !

• It has come to our attention that some users of Walther pistols capable of firing in double action may stage the trigger in anticipation of firing a shot in the double-action mode. Staging is the act of pulling the trigger rearward toward - but just short of - the point where the hammer falls and the pistol fires. Such manipulation of the trigger can reduce the user's control of the handgun and can result in an unintentional discharge. Furthermore, if the user decides not to fire, release of the trigger from a position close to the firing point in the staging process could result in a discharge.

• Obviously "staging" the trigger violates a basic rule of firearm safety which warns you to keep your finger off the trigger and outside of the trigger guard until you are ready to fire.

• We warn all users of our pistols capable of firing in double action to refrain from "staging" the trigger.

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