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Should your Walther firearm require service, it should be returned to the Walther factory or to a Walther Warranty Center in its original case or in a similarly secure container. It is not necessary to take the gun to a dealer for shipment. However, before shipping your firearm, call or e-mail our Customer Service Dept. for authorization and shipping instructions.

Before shipping your handgun, ensure that the firearm is unloaded and packaged securely. DO NOT SHIP ANY AMMUNITION. The package must NOT bear any markings which indicate the identity of the contents. Enclose a letter which includes your full name and address (no P.O. Boxes, please), daytime telephone number, e-mail address, the serial number of the firearm, and details of the problem experienced (stating the brand and type of ammunition used when the problem occurred) or work desired. Record the serial number before shipping, in case you wish to check on the repair status of your firearm.

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