Assembling the Walther Small Bore Rifle Action

Jll. 39. Insert the striker spring. Push the upper end down and slip on to pinted lip in the upper end of the slot in the striker.

Jll. 40. Insert the striker in the bolt and push until the point of the striker appears in the hole in the bolt face (see arrow).

Ensure that the spring pin in the bolt end (b) does not drop out and goes astray.

Jll. 41. Put the bolt handle on the bolt. Make sure that the spring pin

(a) is seated correctly in the notch

The part concerned is shown enlarged in the right-hand corner, to explain the exact positioning.

Jll. 42. Bolt, complete with bolt handle, as well as bolt-end with safety lever, seen from above. When replacing the bolt-end, make sure that the wider lug on the latter is seated correctly in the wider recess in the bolt, as shown by arrow.

Jll. 43. As shown in the illustration, push the bolt handle forward, fit the bolt-end firmly to the bolt as described before, then turn fully over to the right together with the bolt.

Jll. 44. Hold the bolt firmly with the left hand and turn the bolt handle to the right with the right hand. The bolt may now be put back into the action body. When doing so, press the bolt lock on the action body downward.

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