Dismantling the Walther Small Bore Rifle Action

Jll. 31. Opening the breech, thereby cocking the action. Push the bolt-lock on the left on the action body down (see arrow) and withdraw the bolt.

Jll. 32. Hold the bold firmly with the left hand, uncock the bolt by turning the bolt handle fully over to the left (see arrow in illustration 32).

Walther BoltWalther Small Bore

Jll. 33. The bolt Is uncocked. Note the position of the bolt handle. The inner end of the bolt handle now stands close to the striker groove in the bolt.

Jll. 34. Turn the safety lever fully over to the left (in the direction of the arrow).

Jll. 35. Withdraw the bolt-end with the safety lever to the rearward. Ensure that the spring pin opposite the safety lever (as indicated by arrow) does not fall out. Hold the bolt horizontally.

Jll. 36. Withdraw the bolt-handle unit to the rearward. Here again, see that the spring pin (a) does not fall out. Hold the bolt horizontally.

Uncock The BoltWalther Small Bore

Jll. 37. Withdraw striker and striker spring to the rearward.

Jll. 38. Depress the striker spring and remove to the forward together with forked spring pin.

The action is now completely dismantled.

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