General Special Features Description

• Hammer-less system, with the space saved in the slide area allowing the maximum barrel length permitted under sport rules in addition to a "3D frame adjustment" and the maximum frame length permitted under sport rules in the area of the hand rest.

• The striker performs a linear movement in the immediate vicinity of the barrel axis, so no torques or tilting moments are generated inside the pistol, unlike in the hammer system.

• Pneumatic slide damping

• 3D frame adjustment: the rotation center point is conveniently located directly below the barrel axis, and the adjustment can also be released and fixed easily, directly through the opened slide - the pistol mechanism is mounted on a steel part integrated into the wooden frame.

• Three frame sizes, in grey natural laminated wood, or in laminated wood painted black using a particularly easy-grip special lacquer. The housing of the pistol has a rail for attaching practice equipment or additional sliding weights.

• All adjustment features for the trigger and frame are accessible from the outside, so stripping is not necessary. The trigger can however be removed as a complete assembly.

- Height and length adjustable finger rest, rotating in two axes.

- Two-stage trigger, 1000g, 1360g thanks to additional element (special accessory) is also possible, but without loss of the 1000g trigger setting!

- Minimum short trigger slack settable for OSP

• Very low basic weight with a favourable overall center of gravity, with weight and center of gravity being subsequently variable using additional weights.

• Maximum permissible barrel length, tension-free barrel mounting, low-lying bore axis (max. permitted), high durability thanks to completely button rifled internal contour.

• Removable and replaceable rear sight (precision / duel), linear elevation and windage adjustment, rear sight width and height also adjustable. No protruding control elements obstructing field of vision.

• Can be converted subsequently for left-handed use.

• Large and ergonomically optimised cocking grips with integrated slide stop buttons operable from both sides, no automatic slide stop.

• The standard manual safety acts on the trigger bar.

• With the exception of the cocking grips, no "essential" parts of the pistol are made of plastic.

- Thanks to the slide window, easily seen into from above, the loading state of the pistol can always be ascertained at a glance when the slide is open; in addition, the magazine follower is coloured red.

- The cocking status indicator shows at all times whether the striker is cocked.

- The standard manual safety acts on the trigger bar.

4. Frame, frame setting

For individual adjustment of the pistol to its user, the frame can be swivelled in all directions on a ball joint. To do so, open the slide and lock it in the rear position using the magazine button, then use the supplied Allen key to undo the clamping screw and retighten it after the required adjustment of the

If the grip has to be removed or replaced complete, the magazine button of the pistol must be removed before the grip fastening screw is undone.


Walter Ssp Trigger Mechanism
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