Trigger mechanism

The trigger has been optimally adjusted at the factory, and this setting should not be altered without good reason. If adjustment is however necessary, it is best to proceed according to the following instructions.

Walther Ssp

Pawl intersection:

Turning the screw "a" clockwise reduces the pawl intersection; in interaction with the screw "c" for first-stage travel, the play between the trigger bar and the trigger pawl can be adjusted.

Trigger power:

Turning the screw "b" clockwise increases the trigger power, turning it counterclockwise reduces it; the trigger power should always be selected such that the trigger moves reliably back to its front position, otherwise malfunctions might occur.

First-stage travel:

Turning the screw "c" clockwise lengthens first-stage travel, turning it counter-clockwise shortens it. Note the interaction of this setting with pawl intersection!

Trigger stop:

Turning the screw "d" clockwise causes the trigger stop to act earlier, turning it in the opposite direction later.

Sear engagement power + position:

Sear engagement power is increased by turning the screw "e" clockwise, and reduced by turning it counter-clockwise. The position of the sear is adjusting using the "screw slot"; turning it counter-clockwise makes the sear act later, turning it clockwise earlier. This setting does not affect the actual triggering point.

TIP: The trigger pull is made up of the trigger power and the sear engagement power. An optimally adjusted 1000g trigger should have about 600g of trigger power and about 400g of sear engagement power.

Setting for 1360g

By installing a second pressure unit (270 09 30 weighting screw 1360g / special accessory), a 1000 gram trigger can be converted to a 1360 gram trigger without losing the 1000 gram setting as a result.

Finger rest

Once the screw "h" is undone, the finger rest can be rotated transversely to the shooting direction of the pistol. The longitudinal and height setting of the finger rest can be varied after the screw "g" has been undone.

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  • Rob Walker
    Any idea why my trigger woud not reset randomly? Trigger is clean, no sticking on the pawl and is very smooth. Sometimes a new round is chambered and I have to fiddle with letting the trigger go and moving 1st stage a bit to get it to reset. Have anout 8,000 round through. I'm stumped.
    9 years ago
  • merja
    How to adjust weight on walther ssp?
    6 months ago

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