To Remove Threeshot Plug

Federal migratory bird regulations limit the capacity of any auto-loading or repeating shotgun used for migratory game bird shooting to three shells. Your Model 1200 comes to you with a wooden plug in the magazine tube. The plug permits only two shells to be inserted in the magazine. Until the wooden plug is removed, your Model 1200 has a total capacity of three rounds, two in the magazine and one in the chamber. To remove this three-shot plug, follow these directions:

1. Be sure your gun is unloaded.

3. Unscrew and remove magazine cap.

4. The magazine tube plug is under spring tension. Insert a screwdriver into the hole in the magazine tube plug and carefully pry upward, holding hand over plug until it clears the magazine tube.

5. Allow magazine tube plug and spring to slowly extend to spring's full length. Remove wooden three-shot plug.

6. Replace spring in magazine tube. Place magazine tube plug on end of spring. Carefully compress spring into magazine tube and tap downward on the magazine tube plug until it is flush with the end of the magazine tube.

7. Screw on magazine cap by hand until tight.

IMPORTANT— Your Model 1200 is shipped with the barrel removed from the rest of the gun. Clean the inside of barrel and chamber to remove all grease, oil, and other possible obstructions before assembling or firing your Model 1200.

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