Buttstock Safety Trigger Receiver

Forearm Operating Sleeve


General Description

The Model 63 is a semiautomatic rifle that allows the shooter to fill the magazine and shoot consecutive rounds — taking loaded rounds from the tubular magazine to the chamber automatically — until the magazine is empty. After each cartridge fires, the action automatically ejects the empty cartridge out the ejection port to the right. The action is operated manually using a cocking system mounted on the forearm tip. The rod protruding from the tip is called the operating sleeve. Pushing it fully in (rearward) opens the action: extracting and ejecting any cartridge in the chamber and loading a cartridge (if present) from the magazine into the chamber.

The action itself uses a blowback design, where the firing of the cartridge actually begins the rearward motion of the bolt. Inertia completes the bolt's motion rearward, cycling the action. The magazine is loaded through a port in the right side of the butt-

stock. The screw on the rear of the receiver is used to disconnect the front of the receiver from the rear. The entire rifle then easily takes down into two convenient halves.

Terminology and Descriptions

Descriptions in this booklet generally refer to the gun in the horizontal position. That is, in the normal firing position. For example, the muzzle is forward or front; the butt stock is rearward or rear; the trigger is downward or underneath; the sights are upward or on top. Figure 1 covers the general features and benefits of the Model 63 design.

For general parts terminology, refer to Figure 2A. For breech bolt and bolt slide terminology refer to figures 2B and 2C.

The Winchester Model 63 is also shown disassembled to the extent necessary in order to follow




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