Model 63 Semiautomatic rifle

In 1933 Winchester introduced the Model 63 rifle. It was an improved variation on the Model 1903 which had been made only for an old style Winchester 22 cartridge called the "22 Winchester Automatic Rimfire Smokeless." The Model 1903 was the first Winchester semiautomatic firearm of any type.

The new Model 63 soon proved a success. It incorporated the more modern 22 caliber Long Rifle cartridge. It was like the 1903 in many ways — but with slight improvements in some areas. It was a quick handling, easy-to-use design with traditional craftsmanship and elegant design. Its blow-back semi-auto action proved highly reliable. Its stock-positioned loading port convenient. The quick takedown system was handy. And its forearm-mounted cocking system (called the operating sleeve) has always been regarded as extremely functional. Despite the differences between the '03 and the 63, the design of the 63 can still be attributed to the great Winchester designer, Thomas Crossley Johnson.

The last of the original 63s was produced over 35 years ago. Your new Model 63 is faithful in nearly every way — with a level of beautiful finish and fine engraving that you would usually associate only with Winchesters of the "Highly Finished Rifles" era at the turn of the century.

Study all of the instructions in this manual carefully to be sure you have covered all information about your Model 63.

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