case when going to or coming from the shooting area.

How to load the magazine

Use the correct ammunition referenced by the inscription on the barrel. Again, before loading your gun be sure all grease and oil has been removed from the barrel and chamber, and there is no obstruction.

To load the magazine, first place the safety in the "ON SAFE" position. Leave the action (breech bolt) closed at this time.

1. Twist the knob on the end of the magazine tube about 1/8 turn counterclockwise to unlock.

2. As you pull out the tube watch it move past the loading port in the right side of the buttstock.

3. Pull the tube out until the magazine follower clears the loading port in the outer magazine tube.

4. With the muzzle pointed downward slightly, insert the bullet end of the cartridges into the magazine facing forward (Figure 12) and allow them to slide down towards the action. Do not exceed the recommended capacity of the magazine (ten rounds).






5. Next, push the magazine tube down into position and lock into place. Turn it until its retainer pin falls into the retainer slot, then turn clockwise about 1/8 turn until it stops in the locked position.

Care should be taken while pushing the tube in, as it is under spring tension.

The rifle is now ready for operation.

How to operate the Action

Make sure the safety is in the "ON SAFE" position.

1. Load the chamber by pushing the end of the operating sleeve fully rearward with one of your fingers on your forward hand (hand that holds the forearm when you shoot). Using your pointing finger makes working the action easy. Push the operating sleeve fully rearward until the rearward movement of the action stops (see Figure 13).

2. To move a cartridge from the magazine to the chamber, let go of the end of the operating sleeve and allow the sleeve to move forward under spring

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