dropping, jarring, or bumping a gun.

3. Use only ammunition for which the gun is chambered as indicated on the barrel, to prevent excessive pressure and possible serious personal injury.

4. Incorrectly reloaded ammunition can cause serious personal injury and damage to the firearm due to excessive pressure. Reload only after proper instruction and in strict compliance with instruction and data contained in current reloading manuals.

5. Never point a gun at anything you do not intend to shoot. Always keep it pointed in a safe direction in case of accidental discharge.

6. Always check to ensure that the barrel is free of obstructions before loading and using the gun. If you experience light recoil or off sound, check the barrel for an obstruction.

7. Before firing, clean any grease or oil out of barrel with cleaning rod and patch. Grease or heavy accumulation of oil can cause excessive pressure and result in serious personal injury.

8. Keep barrel, chamber and action free of rust. Rust in the barrel and chamber can cause excessive pressures resulting in serious injury. A rusted, pitted or eroded barrel should be replaced.

9. Use hearing protection to prevent ear damage from repeated exposure to gunfire.

10. Always use proper shooting glasses to prevent eye injury from flying particles.

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