shoot more to the right. Moving the blade holder to the left is just as easily done. Note how much you adjust the sight as you sight-in your Model 63. Remember:

• Move the rear sight to the right to shoot farther to the right on the target.

• Move the rear sight to the left to shoot farther to the left on the target.

Care should be taken not to mar the finish or bend sight components when adjustments are made.

The front sight bead is also held in a dove-tail mount on the sight base. It is possible to make windage adjustments by tapping it to one side or the other, just like the rear base. Remember, when adjusting the front sight you get the opposite results: move to the right and you shoot more to the left, move the bead to the left and you'll shoot more to the right.

All sight adjustments — of course — are a matter of trial and error. Remember, it is usually necessary to reset your sights when you change type or even brand of ammunition. High velocity 22 Long Rifle ammunition will almost always have a different point of impact than a target grade load or a hollow point load.

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