1. To remove the bolt the firing pin must be in the cocked position. If it already is, proceed to step 2. If not, first perform the following: With the rifle unloaded and the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, cock the firing pin by raising and lowering the bolt handle.

2. Place the safety in the intermediate position.

3. Raise the bolt and remove it from the rifle as explained previously.

4. Depress the small breech bolt sleeve lock with your thumb (See Figure 17) and turn the breech bolt sleeve to the left (counterclockwise looking from the rear of the bolt). It takes about six turns for the breech bolt sleeve (and the connected firing pin assembly) to unscrew from the breech bolt. Carefully pull the entire assembly out of the breech bolt.


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Disassembled bolt.

5. Be extremely careful to leave the safety in the intermediate position.

6. It is not necessary or recommended that you disassemble the firing pin assembly further than this

7. Carefully wipe clean and very lightly oil the assembly. Aerosol lubricants are excellent for forcing out any dirt, grit or moisture.

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