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1. Suppose you have a 270 caliber Model 70 and are sighting in with 150 gr. cartridges. Referring to the "sweet spot" chart you will find the average "sweet spot" is 2.5 for a 270 caliber with 150 gr. ammo.

2. After having made sure your BOSS is calibrated, rotate the locknut counterclockwise two and one half full revolutions. The edge of locknut should line up or rest on the marking for 2 on the barrel.

NOTE: It is not necessary to calibrate your BOSS on the

Tighten the BOSS so it is secure.

Tighten the BOSS so it is secure.

barrel with every change in "sweet spot" setting. However, you should check your BOSS periodically to assure that it is aligned.

3. Since the "sweet spot" is listed as 2.5, the 5 inscribed on the micrometer adjustment ring should line up with the hatch mark on the barrel (See Figure 4).

4. Tighten the body ofthe BOSS so it is secure against the locknut. Use the special wrench supplied with your rifle (see Figure 5).


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