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Your Model 94 comes fully assembled in the box except for the installation of the scope and mounts included with some Ranger models. No assembly to the rifle itself is required. No disassembly is required for normal maintenance.

If your Model 94 requires disassembly for any reason (such as requiring extra cleaning after being dropped in water) it should be performed by a competent gunsmith, by one of our Authorized Repair Centers, or by our service facility.

installing a scope_

This installation procedure applies to Model 94s that have been drilled and tapped at the factory. General instructions for the scope mounts provided with some Model 94s are outlined below. Be sure to also follow the instructions provided with your mounts.

1. Remove the plug screws and de-grease the holes in the top of the receiver.

2. Each mount comes in two pieces. Remove the mount caps (top parts) and fasten the mounts (bottom parts) to the top of the receiver. (You may want to apply a removable locking compound to each screw to assure they stay secure under the effects of recoil). The mount with two holes parallel to the receiver is mounted on the front of the receiver. The mount with holes side by side (perpendicular to the receiver) mounts at the back.

IMPORTANT: The "see-through" mounts provided with some Model 94s are slanted front to back. They should be installed with the slant toward the front.

3. Once the mounts are in place, lay the scope inside the stirrups, replace the caps and lightly tighten the cap screws.

4. Before fully tightening the cap screws adjust the scope forward or backward to achieve the proper eye relief (eye relief is the distance your eye must be from the rear lens of the scope to bring the entire field of view into focus). Proper eye relief is extremely important with heavier calibers. To prevent injury resulting from the rim of a scope hitting your forehead, follow all instructions concerning eye relief provided with your scope.

5. When the proper eye relief is found, tighten the cap screws in a rotating, crossing pattern. (Do not over tighten so as to strip the screws or damage the scope tube).

6. Bore sight your rifle by placing a target 50 feet away and aligning the open sights to the target. Now adjust the cross hairs of the scope (as explained in your scope's instructions) to center on the bull's-eye. The rifle must be held extremely steady during this operation. If you have "see-through" scope mounts it helps to first fire a group at 50 feet and then adjust the open sights to put your group on the bull's-eye.

With the cross hairs adjusted as explained above, test fire a few shots using the scope to confirm that you are shooting on the paper.

7. Now carefully follow the instructions on sighting in provided with your scope.

Important: If you are using a scope, you may consider using a hammer extension. Refer to the instructions on mounting a hammer extension later in this manual.

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