This Is The Recommended Position Of The Hammer For All Times Except When Firing Is Imminent

"Off" Position. When the hammer stop is pushed all the way to the left it is in the "off' position (See Figure 5-B). This is the position of the hammer stop when firing is imminent.

To place the hammer stop in the "on" position:

1. First, POINT YOUR RIFLE IN A SAFE DIRECTION, THEN PLACE THE MANUAL HAMMER STOP IN THE "ON" POSITION by pushing it from left to right with your thumb or finger (the thumb works well for right handed shooters) until the red "warning" ring disappears (Refer again to Figure 5-A).

2. When the red ring is visible on the left side of the manual hammer stop, it is in the "off' position (Refer again to Figure 5-B). It is placed in the "off' position by pushing the stop with your finger fully to the left until the red ring is showing. The manual hammer stop can be actuated with the hammer in the rebound or cocked position.

lowering THE hammer_

At any time the hammer can be cocked either manually or by cycling the finger lever fully. Unless shooting is imminent it is important to move the hammer immediately to the rebound position from the cocked position. To do this:

1. Make sure the barrel is pointed in a safe direction and that the hammer stop is in the "on" position.

2. Get a stable grip on your rifle with your hand in shooting position. With slight upward pressure from your fingers push the finger lever upward against the stock (this releases the trigger stop as explained later). Place your thumb on the hammer and firmly hold the hammer back slightly with your thumb (See Figure 6-A).

Remove your finger from the trigger and lower the hammer to the rebound position Be extremely careful!

Remove your finger from the trigger and lower the hammer to the rebound position Be extremely careful!

3. While holding the hammer back apply just enough pressure on the trigger and finger lever to release the hammer from the full-cock position. Immediately remove your finger from the trigger and slowly and carefully allow the hammer to lower into the rebound position (See Figure 6-B).

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