Before Beginning The Assembl Y Process Always Make Certain There Are No Shells In The Chambers

1. Inspect the chambers and action areas, and clean dirt and/or excess oil from them as explained in this owner's manual.

Attach the barrels by aligning the bearing surfaces on the barrels with the hinge pin surfaces on the receiver.

2. Remove the forearm from the barrels. To do this hold the barrels with one hand and pull out on the forearm release latch with the other (Figure 6). Pull the forearm away from the action and entirely off the barrel set. You may need to push it away from the barrels with your other hand.

3. Attach the barrels (without the forearm attached to them) to the action by first holding the barrels with the muzzle at a downward angle with respect to the receiver. Then push the top lever to the right. Carefully engage the bearing surfaces of the trunnion-type pins (located inside the forward portion of the receiver) with the curved bearing surfaces on each side of the bottom barrel (Figure 7).

Close the action. Release the top lever when the action is fully closed.

4. Once the bearings are properly seated, lift up on the barrels and close the action. Make sure the hinge pins and hinge bearing surfaces remain in proper alignment. When performing assembly procedures it also helps to keep the top lever pushed fully to the right with your thumb until the action is closed (Figure 8). When the action is fully closed release the top lever and the action will be locked in the closed position.

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