Before Disassembling Your Shotgun Always Make Certain There Are No Shells In The Chambers And The Safety Is In The On Safe Position

1. Open the action by pushing the top lever all the way

Gently pull the forearm away from the barrels. Start with the front of the forearm, angling back toward the receiver.

Gently pull the forearm away from the barrels. Start with the front of the forearm, angling back toward the receiver.

to the right and pulling the barrels downward to visually make sure the chambers are empty. Once you are sure your shotgun is unloaded, close the action and make sure that the safety is still in the "on safe" position. If not, move it there immediately.

2. Place the butt of your shotgun on your thigh for support. Remove the forearm by pulling outward on the forearm release latch and pushing the forearm away from the barrels with your other hand (Figure 11). Pull the front-most end of the forearm away and slightly forward, completely detaching it from the barrel set and the front of the receiver.

3. Separate the barrels from the receiver by holding the stock of the shotgun securely in your right hand and the barrels in your left. Push the top lever to the right

with your thumb. Allow the muzzle of the barrel to drop — the barrels hinging downward from the receiver. Be sure to support the barrels and buttstock carefully. When the barrels are fully down, carefully lift the hinge portion of the barrels (at the receiver) upward out of the receiver, separating the barrels from the receiver (Figure 12).

4. If your are cleaning your Select shotgun, this is the ideal level of disassembly. You will have three separate components: The receiver/stock, the barrel set, and the forearm. Perform cleaning and maintenance as explained later in this owner's manual.

5. When cleaning is completed, reattach the forearm to the barrels for storage. This is done very easily when the barrels are detached. Simply align the forearm extension along the bottom of the barrel so that the forearm extension aligns with the rails on each side of the chambers. Make sure the ends of the rails line up with the rear top edge of the forearm (Figure 13). The forearm can be angled slightly or positioned parallel with the barrels. Press with even pressure using both hands, front to back, along the forearm. As the forearm snaps into position, the release latch may briefly protrude from the bottom of the forearm. It will snap down flush with the forearm when it is secured in position correctly.

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