Cleaninq the Invector Plus Choke System

1. Never use a brass brush to clean your barrels unless choke tubes are installed. Bristles could break off and lodge in the threads, making installation and removal of the choke tubes difficult.

2. Regularly remove your shotgun's choke tubes in order to clean and oil the threads inside the barrel, as well as on the choke tube itself. This will protect the threads from being damaged and also prevent a dirt build-up that would cause the choke tube to become difficult to remove. Clean the threads with solvent and a small, soft brush like a toothbrush. Wipe completely clean and leave a thin film of clean oil on the threads, both on the tube and in the barrel. The threads of the choke tube and the internal threads of the barrel should be cleaned after each use and before the installation of a tube.

3. Be careful when removing/installing a tube. Use the specially designed wrench. Damage can result to both choke tube and barrel when attempting to remove sticky choke tubes.

4. Never fire your shotgun or run cleaning tools through the barrel of any choke-tubed shotgun without having the choke tubes installed.

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