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Some metal parts of your new Select have been coated at the factory with a rust preventative compound. Before using your Select, clean the anti-rust compound from the inside of the barrels, receiver area, locking pin mechanism, extractors/ejectors, hinge surfaces and the chamber areas. A high quality, lightweight gun oil should be used to remove this compound and to give your new firearm its first lubrication. Clean the barrels using a cleaning rod and patch as explained under "Cleaning and Maintenance Suggestions" found on page 26.

If your new Select is to be stored for an extended period of time, it is permissible to leave the rust preventative compound in place and keep your Select in its box for maximum protection during long-term storage.

Before beginning assembly of your Select you should first wipe the mechanism clean and apply a few drops

of quality oil on the surfaces shown (Figure 3).

Avoid applying too much oil. Only a light film is necessary. Excessive oil should be wiped off, especially in cold weather.

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