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Balance. Pointability. Reliability. Handling. These are what you expect in an over and under, and they're what you get with your new Winchester1®' Select™ shotgun. It's superbly designed, combining the traditions of American hunting guns and European competition guns.

Handling is its key advantage with a lively feel and dimensions designed to quickly acquire and move to targets.

The Select shotgun's low-profile receiver with dual, between-the-barrel locking pins is the foundation. This, combined with stock dimensions designed to put you on target consistently, make a Select the right design, with the right dimensions and the right balance for serious shotgunners. A few things to take notice of are:

• Low-profile receiver. The perfect receiver design for the optimal combination of action strength, pointability and balance.

• Dual locking pins provide strength for years of heavy use.

• Invector-Plus™ Choke Tube System. This interchangeable choke system combines with back-bored barrels to reduce shot deformation and produce consistent, tight patterns across the entire choke spectrum. (Your choke tubes may be marked "Win-Plus." There is no difference.)

• Barrel selector. The selector is integrated into the top-tang safety. You can select which barrel fires first. The other barrel fires with the next pull of the trigger.

In order to keep your shotgun in top condition and operating at its peak performance, you must read, understand and follow all of the instructions in this owner's manual.

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