Qeneral Operation

The Select is an over and under shotgun made to fire two successive shots by pulling the trigger twice — once for each shot. The action is broken open with a lever mounted on the top of the receiver just forward of the safety switch. Each time the action is opened the hammers are cocked automatically, and the empty hulls are ejected clear of the chamber(s). Unfired shells are elevated from the chambers. They can be left in place or removed with your fingers. The Select breaks down into three pieces in just seconds for cleaning or storage (Figure IB).

Prior to using live ammunition, familiarize yourself thoroughly with all the operating instructions in this owner's manual. Get accustomed to the feel of your new shotgun. Know the forces required to operate the action. Understand how to select the firing order of the barrels. Learn how to pull the trigger correctly, and above all, know the location and operation of the safety. Procedures for disassembly and operation of various components are outlined in the following sections. Please read and study them thoroughly.

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