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The art of wire writing inside english alphabet. Design Personalized Wire Name Jewelry with this particular exclusive craft. Fully explained with diagrams and information. Understand how to get Name necklaces (Pendants) and Name Pins. These Unique Names you can sell at craft markets and they are Guaranteed to make everyone money. Heres a quick preview of what you will have at your fingertips: Starter Tools, and Tools to use for the Professional (Pages 6 10) Different types of Wire you can use and Stiffness of wires (Pages 10 12) How to grip and position the Pliers (Pages 12 14) Commonly used Wire Bends and Loops in letters (Pages 16 24) How to make All Capital letters A to Z with full diagrams and instructions (Pages 26 74) How to make All Lower Case letters a to z with full diagrams and instructions (Pages 76 125) How to Embellish your name with a heart symbol (Page 127) Step-by-step instructions on how to make a Name Pendant (Page 130) Step-by-step instructions on how to make a Name Pin (Page 135) How to make Special Combinations of letters (Pages 138 142) Stall / Booth setup (Pages 145 147) Selling your Names (Pages 148 149) How to make the Numbers 0 9 in wire (Pages 150 160) Appendix Suppliers (Pages 161 162) More here...

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M16 Lower Receiver Plan

Ar15 Lower Receiver Drill Hole Images

Cfcunped in place ready far uv*Wing to towei receiver Cfcunped in place ready far uv*Wing to towei receiver At this point all weld joints should be dressed smooth and the entire assembly should be polished, smooth, and free of tool marks. Next the assembly is secured in the milling machine vise, making certain that it is flat nnd level and square with the tabic. Now, using the dimensions given in the drawing, the various holes arc located and drilled. This can be done with complete accuracy...


Revolver Cylinder Stop

1 Place compression spring 1 In cylinder stop 2 . Depress spring and Install cylinder stop on frame assembly 3 . 1 Install cartridge cylinder latch 1 assembly 2 . 1 Install cartridge cylinder latch 1 assembly 2 . 2 Install trigger assembly 4 on mou ntlng stud 5 by moving hand trigger 6 to the rear and pivoting trigger lever 7 up. 2 Install cylinder assembly 3 In frame assembly 2 . 4 Hook front of trigger guard on trigger assembly 4 into recess of frame assembly 2 . 5 Check to be sure transfer...

S and W Cont

Victory Model Crane Assembly

5 Slide yoke assembly 10 in cartridge cylinder 2 . 3 If you have a long ejector revolver, Insert ejector cap 6 In cartridge cylinder. If you have a short ejector revolver, insert flat washer 7 . 4 Insert crane 8 , headed pin 9 , and compression spring 10 In cartridge cylinder 2 . If you have a long ejector revolver, insert ejector spring 11 . 5 Insert ejector rod 12 Into cartridge ejector 3 and tighten. 6 Insert spring 13 and headless pin 14 In crane 8 .

Right Side View

M16 Receiver Drawings

Looking straight down at the top of the lower receiver compare it with drawing A . The shaded gt art on the drawing shows the metal that must be removed to make room for the M-16 auto-sear. Drawing B indicates the metal removed From the left hand side of the lower receiver must jb cut out to a depth of .950. Drawing C shows the milling cut on the right side of the lower receiver to be only .M50 deep. NOTE If. like most people, you don't have access to a milling machine, the work can be done...

Standard Rifling Cutter

M16 Lower Receiver Dimensions

When positioned correctly, magazine in ci snug fil The runt lace of the cylindrical portion should he shaped to the same contour as the radiused lower rear end of the lower receiver. If this receiver is intended only for use with shop-made upper receivers, the exact contour is not important. The only requirement is that both parts mate closely. If. however, it i ever intended to lie used with a commercial upper assembly, it is important that the 5 8-inch radius used on the commercial part he...

Mk19 Round Removal Tool

Round Removal Tool For

Excessive staking will cause binding when plungers are exercised. Do not overstake. b. Align hole, insert shoulder pin 4 and stake. Insert new helical spring 5 and new feed throat plunger 2 or 3 , larger end first, in plunger hole. Align hole, insert shoulder pin 4 and stake. MK 19 MOD 3 40 MM MACHINE GUN NSN 1010-01-126-9063 UPGUNNED WEAPONS STATION MK 19 40 MM MACHINE GUN NSN 1010-01-362-6513 MAINTENANCE OF MK 19 MACHINE GUN - ROUND REMOVAL TOOL DISASSEMBLY ASSEMBLY DISASSEMBLY, INSPECTION OF...

Beretta Pistol Parts

Use care when removing recoil spring and spring guide. Because of the amount of compression, assembly will be released under spring tension and could cause possible injury to personnel, or become damaged or lost. 5. Slightly compress recoil spring and spring guide, while at the same time lifting and removing recoil spring and spring guide. Allow the recoil spring to expand slowly. 6. Separate recoil spring from spring guide. 7. Push in on locking block plunger while pushing barrel forward...

Building Lightning

Lightning Link Dimensions

The drawings show the shape and give the dimensions for a Lightning Link that fits in the Colttm AR-15. If it's to fit in an after market lower receiver it may be necessary to change the outside dimensions. Either way. all that's really important is that it fits inside the receiver and can move back and forth about 1 16 inch. When building the Lightning Link without a milling machine I find the simpliest way is to cut the long piece to length and width. Next center Dunch and drill a l B inch...

Dropin Autosear

Illegal Converted Weapon

I don't like drop-in auto-sears Not because they don't work, because they do. They not only work, but in my experience an AR-15 equipped with a drop-in auto-sear works as well as an original government issue M-16. The problem's not with the auto-sear, it's with the laws governing its use. The drop-in auto-sear was designed in the mid 1970's for the sole purpose of converting the AR-15 to fire full-autD select fire . If you buy a drop-in auto-sear that was manufactured after November 1st, 1981....

Headquarters Department Of The Army

Caliber Revolver Parts Drawing

Make sure that each weapon is unloaded prior to inspection. Avoid having live ammunition in the vicinity of the work area. Dry cleaning solvent is flammable and toxic and should be used In a well-ventilated area. The use of rubber gloves is necessary to protect the skin when cleaning revolver parts. Avoid skin contact with carbon removing compounds. Beware of obstructions in the barrel. Inspect the barrel for obstructions before firing. Objects in the barrel such as mud, snow, twigs, or heavy...

Open Bolt Trigger Mechanism

Trigger Mechanism Plans Wood Homemade

.GS7 PIVOT PIN HOlE SHOULD BE DRILLED THROUGH BOL AND FXTRACTOR SIMULTANEOUSLY. pari should he made slightly oversize and dressed to exact fit during assembly. If i lie closed-boll configuration is adhered to, commercial firing mechanism components, which include a hammer, trigger, disconnector, safety, and necessary spring, arc available from commercial and surplus parts sources. These are available at attractive enough prices to make it more sensible to buy them than to build them....

Lower Receiver

M16 Lower Receiver Dimensions

As stated earlier, this book was originally intended to encompass only an upper receiver assembly and magazine adapter, which, when installed on a commercial lower receiver assembly, made possible the pistol caliber conversion. But when it became likely that further manufacture of commercial lower receivers would be prohibited when the so-called rime Bill became law, existing lower receivers escalated rapidly in price. Ihe last time I checked, the asking price Lor one of these had gone from...

Tip Up Barrel Latch

Pistola Pietro Beretta Modelo 950

Made by the Italian arms firm of Pietro Beretta, the Model 950B Jetfire cal. .25 ACP semi-automatic vest pocket pistol is a slightly modified version of the Beretta Model 950 pistol introduced after World War II. A similar Beretta pistol, designated Minx, is chambered for the .22 short rimfire cartridge. Except for mechanical changes necessitated by differences in caliber, disassembly and assembly procedures for the Jetfire and Minx pistols are identical. The barrel of the Model 950B pistol is...

Mk19 Feed Slide Assembly

Cal Broken Feeder Pawl

Position the feed slide assembly fully to the left while in the feed tray. Close the top cover, observing the CAUTION. a. Charge the weapon slowly. Place the safety on 'S' SAFE . b. Go to the front of the receiver and check the primary pawl lever 3 , located under the receiver feed tray area. Check the primary pawl lever. If it is flush with the receiver, the pawl is down flush in the feed area. Evacuate the weapon to Direct Support Maintenance. If the primary pawl is protruding downward...

Dan Wesson Model W Revolver

Dan Wesson Model Spring Change

Illustrations By DENNIS RIORDAN Text By LUDWIG OLSON When viewed casually, the Dan Wesson Model W-12 cal. .357 Magnum revolver appears to be of conventional double-action, swing-out-cyl-inder design. It is unusual, however, in that its barrel can be quickly and easily interchanged with one of different length. The grip also can be readily interchanged with one of different shape and size. This versatile solid-frame revolver is produced by Dan Wesson Arms which was organized in 1968 at Monson,...

Friction ring setting for light toads

The single difference from the arrangement given for heavy loads is a change in the position of the friction ring. For light loads this friction ring is taken off and placed at the extreme rear end of the magazine tube, between the rear end of the recoil spring and the receiver with the beveled edge turned toward the receiver. See Figure 10 . NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES REMOVE THE BRONZE FRICTION PIECE FROM ITS POSITION REARWARD OF THE BARREL GUIDE RING. If the gun is fired with either the...

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