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Available Light Shooting

During our sniper school, our first night fire is always with available light and students employing their ordinary daytime optics. It's not as sexy as high-tech NODs, but the students gain tremendous respect for their abilities to engage targets with only a scoped rifle. The optics portion of the spotting chapter addressed the ability of quality lenses to transmit light, so we won't rehash all that material. But recall that your eye pupil dilates to 7mm in total darkness, and

Optical Properties Of The Human

In our eye, the role of photographic lens is played by the crystalline lens which is a transparent, biconvex body similar in form to an ordinary lens. When the eye observes objects located at varying distances, the curvature of the crystalline lens changes, as a result of which the eye's optical system adapts by reflex and very rapidly to the perceiving of objects located at varying distances from us. As a result, the image produced on the retina is a sharp one and this makes it possible to perceive correctly and sharply the form and outlines of the objects surrounding us. This ability of the eye to adapt to the viewing of various objects located at varying distances from the eye by means of changing the curvature of the crystalline lens (changing the refraction) is called accommodation.

Remington Model Rifle

Dissassembling Remington 510

The Remington Model 510 Target-master .22 rimfire bolt-action rifle introduced in 1939 was an inexpensive single-shot arm intended for informal target shooting and small game hunting. Chambered for .22 short, long, and long rifle cartridges, this rifle was also available in a smoothbore version for firing shot cartridges. It was produced chiefly in the 51 OA version with open rear sight, but was also offered in a 51 OP version with aperture rear sight at extra cost.

Separation of Upper and Lower Receivers

Use your rear sight to set different ranges by turning the elevation knob under the sight to raise it or lower it. The rear sight has two apertures use the one with the larger hole for short ranges from 0 to 200m. Use the small aperture for longer ranges. When using the large aperture make sure the flat surface of the elevation knob is on the left side of the rifle and the sight is at its low 300m setting, with the line on the flat of the knob lined up with the line on the receiver of the rifle. Depending on the type of rifle you are using this setting will show 8 3, 6 3 or blank. When the carrying handle is built into the upper receiver, 8 3 will be set with the sight down to its lowest setting for 300m, but remember 8 3 will also be set with the sight screwed up to its high setting for 800m. The sight on the removable carrying handle is marked 6 3 and is used the same way for 300m and 600m ranges. Sights provided with rifles in 7.62X39mm caliber are unmarked. To...

Sight Alignmentsight Picture

Mp5 Aim Pointer

Selection of the appropriate size aperture is usually done according to shooter preference. However, for precise shooting the firer should select the smallest aperture that still allows a circle of light between the rear sight aperture and the outside of the front sight holder.

Anpas V Medium Thermal Weapon Sight and Anpas V Heavy Thermal Weapon Sight

Boresight Targets

The AN PAS-13 (V2) medium thermal weapon sight (MTWS) and the AN PAS-13 (V3) heavy thermal weapon sight (HTWS) (Figure 2-34) are silent, lightweight, compact, and durable battery-powered infrared imaging sensors that operate with low battery consumption. (Both the MTWS and the HTWS are referred to henceforth as a singular thermal weapon sight TWS ). The TWS is capable of target acquisition under conditions of limited visibility such as darkness, smoke, fog, dust, and haze. The TWS operates effectively at night and can also be used during the daytime. The TWS is composed of two functional groups the telescope (1) and the basic sensor (2).

Upper Receiver And Barrel Assembly Cont

M16 Rifle Upper Receiver Diagram

With aperture centered, view from the rear and rotate the upper receiver right or left to aline rear sight to the same vertical line. Torque the barrel nut again to 35 ft-lb while maintaining sight alinemenL The barrel nut will be tightened beyond 35 ft-Jb to aline the barrel nut serrations for gas tube clearance. Never loosen the barrel nut to aline for gas tube clearance.

Chandler Milling Machine Gun College Park June 1912

For once the newspapers were caught by surprise and although the firing was done almost within sight of the Nation's capitol, the news did not reach the public until the following day. Had it not been for an enthusiastic amateur photographer named MacCartee, who journeyed to College Park and asked Captain Chandler to pose with the gun in the plane, no picture of the

Rear Sight

The rear sight consists of two sight apertures, a windage knob, and an elevation knob. See figure 9-4. The large aperture marked 0-2 is used for target engagement during limited visibility, when a greater field of view is desired, or for engagements of targets closer than 200 yards meters. The unmarked aperture (small aperture) is used for zeroing and normal firing situations.

Night Optics

Pvs Browninig

The AN PAS-13 (V3) heavy weapon thermal sight (HWTS) (Figure G-1, page G-2) is a silent, lightweight, compact, durable, battery-powered, infrared imaging sensor that consumes little battery power. The self-contained infrared (IR) imaging sensor in this sight helps the firer acquire the target in low visibility conditions.

Scope Maintenance

To fully appreciate the care needed when cleaning lenses, think of it not as a scope but as an expensive camera. Except for field emergencies, use only quality lens paper and camera lens cleaning liquids on lenses. When you use ordinary window cleaner and toilet tissue, you will gently reduce metallic fluoride coatings through abrasive action. I have seen scope lenses wiped free of any coating due to diligent cleaning by a proud rifleman. Protect your lenses Clean with special flannel cloth, lens paper, lens liquid cleaner, and the handy LensPen. Protect your lenses Clean with special flannel cloth, lens paper, lens liquid cleaner, and the handy LensPen.

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